RHE-MEDiation Hub development

Aug 16, 2023

The RHE-MEDiation Hub development is launched by sending stakeholder invitation letters and surveys, both in the demo-site languages, to local stakeholders in Greek, Italian, and Turkish demo-sites. Moreover, both materials will be published on the project website to attract any stakeholders who would like to be involved in the project.

The invitation letter contains sections that detail the project and the expected level of involvement from stakeholders. Likewise, the survey is designed to gather information for stakeholder mapping and analysis without collecting personal data.

These activities are part of Work package one which aims to develop the structure, content, and processes of the RHE-MEDiation ecosystem to generate value for long-term exploitation and replication.

Overall, the RHE-MEDiation Ecosystem will be built through three stages. Firstly, an evolutionary holistic model will be created to combine technology, business capacity associated with the chemical pollution distress action, social acceptability and accountability, and governance processing based on a regulatory innovation paradigm. Secondly, modalities will be established to share and export data for exploitation in other Mission Lighthouses and Blue Parks. Thirdly, processes will be designed for reporting, monitoring, and coordinating implementation activities under the control of the Mission Implementation Support Platform. These actions are fulfilled through seven tasks.