Work Packages

Work Packages

Through eight complementary Work Packages, the RHE-MEDiation consortium will create a responsive hub among consortium and Mission stakeholders to deliver Technology baskets to distress the Mediterranean HOT SPOTS and support the success of 'Mission: Restore our Ocean & Waters'

Work Package 1

RHE-MEDiation Hub Ecosystem development - RINA-C

Work Package 2

RHE-MEDiation technologies design for solutions up-scale - BLUEMATER

Work Package 3

RHE-MEDiation piloting: implementation and setting up - HCMR

Work Package 4

RHE-MEDiation piloting: validation, demonstration and data monitoring follow-up - EYDAP

Work Package 5

Development of replication activities and solution implementation roadmap - CNR

Work Package 6

Integrated approach to Business, Social and Governance Innovation based on RHEMEDiation technologies – BLUEMATER

Work Package 7

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of projects results - CNR

Work Package 8

Project and hub governance, ethical and social assessment, regulatory aspects - RINA-C