RHE-MEDiation's KOM was held in Milan

June 13, 2023

The RHE-MEDiation project was inaugurated in the presence of the consortium and the virtual presence of the European commission project officer in RINA’s office in Milan.

Kick-off meeting is the first official occasion partners have, in the framework of EC funded project best practices, to meet and organise operational aspects of the development plan outlined in the proposal and confirmed in the Technical Annexes of the Grant Agreement.

The kick-off meeting began with the Project Coordinator introducing the meeting's agenda. This was followed by a concise presentation, highlighting the main challenges addressed by the RHE-MEDiation project, its proposed solution, associated actions, project development stage, ambitions, and the methodology it adopts. Subsequently, each Consortium partner introduced themselves to the audience through brief presentations.

The EC PO then provided a presentation on the practices of EC-funded project development, modalities for cost accounting, financing rules, and best practices for dissemination and communications activities. The floor was then left to the different Work Package Lead Beneficiaries, being supported by the Task Leaders, to present each WP sequentially.

The last event before closing the KOM with the Project Coordinator and EC PO statements was a brief wrap-up of the project’s financial process and its periodic reporting, delivered by RINA-C. This was the opportunity to share with the Consortium the specific insights of RINA-C about contractual documents, reporting to the EC, eligible costs and payment modalities, certificates of financial statements, and the informatics tool proposed by the project coordinator to organize the preparation of the cost statements to facilitate the final upload to the EC portal.