The Italian demo-site visit

Oct 12, 2023

On October 9, 2023, a team of experts representing the Work Package (WP) 2 Leader (BLUEMATER SA), and CCMAR, were hosted by CNR to visit the Italian demonstration site located in Taranto. The action was part of WP2, which focuses on designing and integrating the RHE-MEDiation technology basket for use, validation, and demonstration in WP4.

The day commenced with an early morning discussion on the micro-algae photobioreactor design, followed by a comprehensive deliberation on the procedures and schedule for pollutant and nutrient monitoring within the proposed remediation system and how it should be customized among the different demo-sites in the project. Subsequently, the team conducted a visit to the Italian demonstration site located at SGM SRL shipyard, during which a location for placing the cleaning technology was decided. Moreover, various alternatives for sourcing raw water and supplying nutrients to the micro-algae photobioreactor were put forward for in-depth examination by the project partner responsible for managing activities on-site.